About Us

The Gordon R. Chapman Foundation is a volunteer run, nonprofit 501c(3) organization inspired by the quiet philosophy of a great man lost too early and is missed greatly. He contributed to making the world a better place - one small step, one person, at a time. Gordon's children encouraged a group of his family and friends to come together to formally continue this legacy. The foundation was born from their love, grief, and a need to continue to speak Gordon's name through these small acts of kindness.

About Gordon

Gordon was a big guy with an even bigger heart. His heart held a special place for each of us. He was an optimist, positive man of service who experienced no "bad" days. Life could get difficult, but Gordon spirited through the challenges non-chalantly: keep on moving forward.

Keep doing good. Gordon's energy to care for all was fueled by his love for his children, family, friends and his furry buddies.





We are proud to
support other non-profits

- Women in Distress of Broward County

- Florida Tour De Force

- St. Baldrick’s Foundation

As well as children and
youth organizations such as

- St. Thomas Aquinas newly created Mock Trial Room

- Sidewalk Library at St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Mission & Vision


Now more than ever helping people - wherever and however - is a necessary and valued contribution to what it means to be human. The Gordon R. Chapman Foundation supports the local community by paying it forward - one person & one act at a time. This was Gordon's mission and now it is ours. Hopefully, it will be yours too.


In a world dominated by social media, conflict and confusion, Gordon cut through the noise by quietly spreading kindness and love. The foundation will continue with his mission - to cut through that noise by helping people wherever and however they may need it.

Our Team

board members